NASORCAP Medical, Inc.

Reasons to use our products:

Our premium capnography cannula samples CO2 both nasally and orally.

(Models 9112-T, 9112-T F4 or M4, and 1709-F4 or M4):  US Patent #9,867,554 B2)
All of our products are easily applied, reliable and user friendly.  Multiple studies have established that capnography detects respiratory changes, especially respiratory distress effectively, we now provide instantaneous visual observation with o
ur Saf-T-Scan product as well.

Quality Assurance

NASORCAP is committed to providing its customers with breathing support/monitoring products whose performance exceeds accepted standard of care models. By providing these products to our customers, we optimize patient safety and care, enhance risk avoidance measures thereby improving cost/benefit ratios.

NASORCAP has consistently maintained all requirements necessary to remain in good standing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Procedural Sedation  

Patient safety remains the primary goal during procedural sedation, and monitoring breathing is an important step in achieving this objective. To do so, NASORCAP's capnography cannulas effectively monitor a patient’s breathing, as well as deliver supplement oxygen, while our other products provide an early indication of airway compromise and assist the practitioner in maintaining a patent airway.

Our premium capnographic cannula features an innovative interface that samples carbon dioxide from both the nose and mouth, while delivering supplemental oxygen and producing optimal quality waveforms. The combination of our products produce an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use assessment of a patient's breathing regardless of patient type or procedure.

Risk Avoidance/Airway Compromise, Airway Support, Capnographic Monitoring, Thermographic Flow Detection...

A model for patient safety, NASORCAP provides its products for the sole purpose of enhancing patient care. We realize that patient safety is paramount. Our product line enhances the ability of the caregiver and the facility to virtually eliminate exposure to risk within the healthcare milleu.

Using our breathing-focused product line, risk avoidance is maximized. Capnographic monitoring for all patients undergoing procedural sedation is strongly recommended by the medical and health care community. 

NASORCAP strives to bring respiratory monitoring vigilance to the next level. By offering additional care modalities, we have brought virtual instantaneous recognition of the apneic event to the forefront.  As a direct result, health care professionals will develop and hone their airway management skills and expertise.

These new techniques employ our newest technologies.  The AirWave (External Airway Position Support) and the Saf-T-Scan (Thermographic Flow Indicator).

Heightened scrutiny by patient safety advocates and the other medical communities has arisen regarding over-sedation of patients and other adverse effects related to procedural sedation. Recent analyses have revealed that 60% of adverse perioperative events could have been prevented with the use of capnographic monitoring.   

Risk management needs to re-focus its efforts and begin to implement these benefits associated with the use of capnography and the advent of improved respiratory support techniques and breathing vigilance. 

Competitive Matrix

The following competitive matrix has been developed for the purpose of establishing and validating the substantial improvement in risk avoidance provided by NASORCAP Medical's line of airway monitoring and support products.  Used in conjunction throughout the perioperative time frame, a near 100% surety of airway mishap avoidance can be obtained.  

By viewing this MATRIX, it is clear that NASORCAP Medical's capabilities are focused and stand alone.