NASORCAP Medical, Inc.


Model No. 9112-T (US Patent #9,867,554 B2)

Disposable Nasal/Oral O2 Delivery and Gas Sampling Device which Provides Simultaneous and Selective Nasal/Oral  ETCO2 Monitoring and Nasal/Oral Oxygen





By incorporating NAZORCAP™ cannula products into your monitoring routine, significant progress will be made towards optimizing patient safety and comfort.  The method, apparatus and design of the NAZORCAP™ cannula products permit optimal monitoring and observation by the practitioner of a patient’s airway, breathing patterns (rate, regularity, rhythmicity, depth and character) and capnographic display apparatus; thereby improving the efficiency, safety, comfort and overall effectiveness of the anesthesia and operatory techniques.  In particular, prompt, effective detection of hypoventilation, hyperventilation, apnea and/or obstruction is enabled and enhanced.  A special and unique feature of the NAZORCAP™ 9112-T cannula is that it enables the practitioner to sample respired gases at the nose and/or mouth; thereby enhancing optimal risk avoidance.


-40 Inch or 10 Foot Tubing Length

-Tapered Oxygen Fitting or Optional Oxygen Bushing

Compatible with Various Size Tubing Used in

Medical Facilities

-Simultaneous Oral/Nasal ETCO2 Monitoring and Oxygen Delivery

(Provides Optimal Quality Capnographic Waveforms)

-Optional Bacterial Filter

-Male or Female Luer Fitting

-Enhanced Patient Comfort & Reliability


       Operating Room
      Recovery Room
        Critical Care
      Surgery Center
     Emergency Room
       MRI/CT Scan
      Endoscopy Maxillofacial/Dental
        Sleep Apnea Study