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Model No. 0802 (S, M, L)

 Model No. 0802-S/M/L


External Airway Position Support
(Available in Small, Medium or Large)

For use in any circumstance where a patient's airway might  be compromised.

Flexible design elements provide for varying neck/jaw shapes & sizes.  The Velcro attachment strap allows for ease of adjustability for more or less support as deemed necessary by the practitioner.


Anesthesia Block Areas
Operating Room
Recovery Room
Critical Care
Emergency Room
Sleep Apnea Study

Provides balance and support for hands-free external airway positioning.

Incorporates established and individualized classical manual airway management skills

The basic technique known for keeping the patient’s airway open is to tilt the head back, lift the chin upwards and displace the mandible anteriorly.  This is sometimes referred to as the triple airway maneuver. Please see below: 

Simply making breathing easier!

Airway Technology

During the administration of procedural sedation/anesthesia varying degrees of airway obstruction occur along a dose-related continuum of depression of level of consciousness.  Traditionally the attending experienced anesthesia provider has enlisted the use of their manual airway maintenance techniques (chin lift, neck tilt and jaw thrust/triple airway maneuver) and available tools (oral and nasal airways and various derivations of stabilizing head rests) to intervene and remedy these occurrences. Of particular significance is that it is often also necessary to simultaneously increase the amount of sedation so that the patient will tolerate these otherwise uncomfortable, invasive and sometimes substantially injurious methods.

Ergo the development of the AirWave.

Intuitively what is required is an apparatus which will assist the practitioner in conducting these maneuvers, thereby improving overall efficiency, efficacy and most importantly safety.

NASORCAP's AIRWAVE product line brings innovation, safety, and ease to the healthcare provider's fingertips!